Catch 22 Benefits Botch

Private Eye (issue 1493) reports  that there are nearly 4000 fewer computers in England’s public libraries than there were in 2010, yet whilst at least 20% of unemployed people don’t have internet access at home (not to mention those who don’t actually have a home), the government insists that applications for benefits be done online. … Continue reading

Latest Update

Well, it seems a couple of posts from earlier this year have vanished from here, leaving the early part of the year denuded of content. Still… Finally losing my patience with the Work Programme, I decided to take the plunge and go self-employed as a freelance writer. Well, there was a lot of paperwork (and … Continue reading

SEETEC – See Failure

I had assumed I would write an update on my misadventures through the government-mandated tasks ostensibly intended to get me into work, but I reckoned without SEETEC. No, they weren’t efficient and successful, quite the opposite. Unfortunately, as far as writing posts goes, they failed to provide much inspiration. The idea of my being sent … Continue reading

A Foolish Finale, or The System Sucks

Having made my way through the Employability Skills course and the subsequent rerun at The Gatherings, it was clear that the course I ought to follow was that of going freelance through the NEA self-employment program. So, I was booked to attend the introductory meeting. If I made the grade, I’d have twenty-six weeks of … Continue reading

Jobsearch: The Gatherings

I’ve now moved on to ‘The Gatherings’ – essentially a silly name for some more group meetings at which the Jobcentre staff will impart wisdom to us in the guise of a Candid Camera skit. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if the initial session would be revealed as a practical joke as the Jobcentre … Continue reading

Potentially Employabale…

The saga of my time on the ‘Employability Skills’ course ended rather abruptly as I was summoned home to return a call from an employment agency, having completed the end-of-course paperwork. That phone call, along with another the night before and the one mentioned in my last post, may indicate that, despite all expectations, just … Continue reading

Am I halfway employable yet?

Well, I’ve completed a week of the Employability Skills course and I’m yet to be made any more employable. In fact, I’ve been made a little less employable as I missed a phone call from an employer who wanted to invite me to invite me to interview. So, not only am I learning nothing whilst … Continue reading

A Distinct Lack of Employability Skills

Having been unemployed (in the paying sense – I keep busy!) for some time, the Jobcentre decided it was time I did another course. This one was billed as a wonder course that would unlock the secrets of getting a job, but it turned out to be NCFE Level 1 Employability Skills, which is exactly … Continue reading

The Work Programme Doesn’t Work!

Still looking for work, I’ve been shunted sideways to yet another provider for an ‘intensive’ jobsearch experience. Of course, when I arrived at the induction, neither I nor anyone else in attendance actually had a clue of why we were there, what we would be doing or for how long; it never seems to cross … Continue reading

Fair Deal?

Normal 0 It is the ever-fresh suggestion for a government wanting to sound as if it is being tough on the unemployed, whilst ignoring the realities of existing schemes: make the unemployed work for their benefits. Well, if we ignore the oxymorons of making the unemployed work (surely they would then be employed?) and of … Continue reading