Freedom and Choice?

Normally, I make a point of not voting for a candidate who cannot be bothered to canvass for my vote on the basis that, it they can’t be bothered to put in that effort, they probably won’t do much once elected. But, given Labour’s recent trend towards antisemitism, I was keen to keep them out, … Continue reading

Selfish or Impeded?

Justice minister Phillip Lee has proclaimed the British too selfish to care for the elderly and argues that people should be looking after elderly parents and grandparents rather than relying on the state, citing the example of Muslims and Hindus as one to follow. (Given that the government usually demands immigrants ‘assimilate’ into British culture, … Continue reading

Election Ho!

“You’re not going to vote Labour, are you?” I’ve been asked: The Labour manifesto has much that is in accord with what I’d like to see. Strip away Jeremy Corbyn and his coterie of terrorist-loving anti-Semitic incompetents, who’re strangely tolerant of racism in their midst, and the answer would be “yes.” But, as things stands, … Continue reading

Election Fever?

So, we’re having a general election. Has Theresa May guaranteed her premiership or made a terrible mistake? I can see why she did it: An election will silence those critics who claim she has no mandate, will avoid her having to fight an election midway through the ‘Brexit’ negotiations, preempts any downturn in the economy, … Continue reading

PR Disaster

With the election over, Britain has effectively chosen the party that wants to move the deckchairs around as the Titanic sinks rather than the party that wanted to drill additional holes in the hull of the sinking ship. The end disaster will be the same, but the nation will stay afloat a little longer this … Continue reading

A Foolish Finale, or The System Sucks

Having made my way through the Employability Skills course and the subsequent rerun at The Gatherings, it was clear that the course I ought to follow was that of going freelance through the NEA self-employment program. So, I was booked to attend the introductory meeting. If I made the grade, I’d have twenty-six weeks of … Continue reading

Whatever Happened To History? Blackadder, Gove and The Great War…

The recent brouhaha of Education Minister Gove criticising teachers for allegedly using Blackadder Goes Forth and films (rife, we are warned, with Left-leaning fallacies) to teach about the First World War as we reach the centenary. Although it isn’t just Gove – the issue was even raised in a short article in a wargaming magazine … Continue reading

Workshy Alert!

Once more the British government is declaring that it will ‘get tough’ on the jobless. By rolling out the exact same six-months of compulsory ‘voluntary’ work that was first trotted out by Tony Blair over a decade ago. Somehow, it seems as if the media – and quite possibly most of their consumers – have … Continue reading

An Osbo for families…

Maybe George Osborne has a horrible family, but he certainly seems to be opposed to them, doing all he can to force parents out to work. Perhaps he’s got shares in a nursery? Certainly it’s the nurseries and childminders who are thriving on his watch. Want to stay at home and raise the kids while … Continue reading

Thinking Caps…

The arrival of benefits caps  is today’s big news and, unsurprisingly, the talk is of what might be done next – regional variation, perhaps, or reducing the cap level further, or specific measures such as limiting child benefit to the first two children of the unemployed and stopping under-25s from being eligible for housing benefit. … Continue reading