Best And Only?

Perhaps the greatest source of conflict in the English-speaking world today is due to the peculiar way in which the meaning of ‘best’ has been conflated with that of ‘only’. It most openly appears in issues of health, such as the battle against obesity and the struggle over breastfeeding, but also lies at the heart … Continue reading

The Horse Flesh Fiasco

That loveable dobbin may have been in the lasagne you just ate has, unsurprisingly, been at the heart of the furore over horse flesh having found its way into the food chain. That’s just not the British way. It’s the sort of nasty thing that foreigners eat and barely one step up from frog’s legs … Continue reading

The Caitt Reilly Affair

The Caitt Reilly Affair has been playing out in the media and courts for several months and has finally reached an end with a judge ruling against the way in which the government implemented several of its work schemes. Cue angry denunciations of the workshy, panic that all work schemes will be ruled illegal and … Continue reading

The Great Health Data Heist

Whether it is actually on the books, or just a glimmer in Big Brother’s eye, I don’t know, but the latest wheeze of the data-centralists is to seize information from GPs on our health without worrying about little things like confidentiality or consent. Now, perhaps I’m being naive, but when I hand over information under … Continue reading

Fraud saves money?!

Wonderful news story – a woman was found guilty of benefit fraud only for the authorities to discover that she had saved them money! Although she had been claiming income support whilst working, it turned out that it was worth less than the in-work benefits she could have claimed legally, leaving her and the authorities … Continue reading