Can I get an ‘Amen’ to that?

Not it if it involves the Lord’s Prayer in a cinema, apparently. Now, it is perfectly legal (despite what some indignant anti-religious letter writers seem to believe) for a religion or political party to advertise in the UK. Of course, just as with any other form of advertising, such adverts need to abide by the … Continue reading

Will They Be Fiddling While Britain Burns?

The events in Paris ought to have been a wake-up call for Britain, but instead all we get is the usual waffle and rhetoric and Cameron’s desire to be Blair and bomb Syria. The fundamental issues remain unaddressed. The first issue is the lack of armed police in Britain. Now, I’ve always been against the … Continue reading

Champagne Socialism and the Education Trap

The worst thing about modern Britain is Champagne Socialism – even the Tories often sound like them as the concealed snobbery of Champagne Socialism perfectly fits with their desire to lose the label ‘Nasty Party’ without ditching their viler opinions. Right now, the wealthy, privately-educated Champagne Socialists of Comprehensive Future are waging war on the … Continue reading