Time To Take The Blame, Lord Smith!

It is, of course, a triumph of optimism over experience that we should expect a former Labour Minister to apologise for or even acknowledge their mistakes, for the Blairite/Brownite debacle was never one for taking the blame. But, it is especially rich of Lord Smith, head of the Environment Agency, to defend himself by pointing … Continue reading

Wet and Dry

What a mad world we live in! We build on floodplains and marvel at flooding. We fill in reservoirs and wonder where the water has gone. Here’s a hint – floodplains are so named for a reason. And, here’s another – water needs to be stored for when it is needed. If you build in … Continue reading

Some Idle Thoughts on the Weather

“It always is wretched weather according to us.” So says Jerome K. Jerome in The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow,¬†describing a situation familiar to anyone who has seen a weather forecast or read the apocalyptic commentaries one finds in the newspapers. Jerome¬†goes on to comment that “The weather is like the government – always … Continue reading