Destroy The Poor!

Yesterday, I saw a description of how the benefits changes will work and, I have to say, if I was living on my own, I don’t think I’d be able to survive. Ironically, wealthy people with an eligible disability are going to be entitled to more help than the able-bodied and people with ineligible disabilities. … Continue reading

Press Freedom

I’m rather hacked-off at Hacked Off, the collective front of the rich, corrupt and criminally inclined who want to stifle free speech in order to prevent their indiscretions and criminality from coming to life – and, worse, are doing so by hijacking the legitimate concerns of innocent citizens whose phones were hacked by an equally … Continue reading

Which death do you prefer?

The Eastleigh by-election has been much analysed by parties and pundits, all keen to predict the future and opine upon what needs to be done by each party to ensure success in the next general election. Labour, of course, took comfort from the fact that they stood no chance in Eastleigh and, so, stick their … Continue reading