Rusty Politics

It was perhaps inevitable that the death of Margaret Thatcher would bring out the wailing and gnashing of teeth from one side of the political divide and songs of jubilation from the other, yet I cannot help but feel the whole thing is over-egged. It is true that she will go down in history as … Continue reading

The True Welfare Myth

I have just been reading an opinion piece by ‘left-wing writer’ Brendan O’Neill (I’ve no idea who he actually is, but he sees himself as an expert on the welfare-ridden poor). In it, he addresses the way in which the liberal middle classes are bemused at the failure of the poor to rise up and … Continue reading

The Stench of Hypocrisy!

It should come as no surprise that the smell that lingers around politicians is the stench of hypocrisy. Introducing a benefits cut for anyone whose home includes a bedroom designated as unused (according to government guidelines, which do not always accord with reality), one Minister stepped forth to lecture the poor that, in his four-bedroom … Continue reading