IDS Gaffs Again!

I have come to conclusion that Ian Duncan Smith is not in touch with reality, or, at least, he looks at the most outrageous examples of reality he can find and assumes them to be the rule rather than the exception. He has demonstrated time and again that he knows nothing about how the benefit … Continue reading

HS2? Hardly Surprising, Too!

As ever, it seems the Tories cannot quite get the grasp of this whole democracy thing. You see, you need to have a chunk of society support you if you want to be elected. Unfortunately, whilst unable to convince their long term foes that they are any better than the emaciated hunks of hypocrisy called … Continue reading

Jobcentre Minus

Perhaps it is a side-effect of dealing with people who don’t have jobs, but it seems that the Jobcentre is largely staffed by people who don’t do any work, as shown by a report showing that the Department of Work and Pensions is one of the worst for spending their time surfing the web. From … Continue reading

Better odd than scum, Cameron!

Apparently, David Cameron thinks that UKIP includes some ‘pretty odd people’. It probably does. Of course, the Conservatives include some pretty scummy people (Cameron and his chum Osborne come immediately to mind), so odd is hardly the worst thing that a member of UKIP could be. Whatever your views on UKIP, they do have actual … Continue reading

Another Ed Balls-up!

It seems that, just as the Tories couldn’t win despite the Labour government offering them Parliament on a platter, Labour just cannot take advantage of the fact that the Tories are not only doing all they can to upset traditional Labour voters but are also doing all they can to drive their own supporters away. … Continue reading

Colonialism – South American Style

It’s amazing that the President of Argentina is able to denounce British ‘colonialism’ in the Falklands with a straight face, when half of her country consists of Patagonia, a region seized by force, ethnically cleansed of people of Chilean descent and settled by colonists, where the native peoples were left as second-class citizens – all … Continue reading