Thinking Caps…

The arrival of benefits capsĀ  is today’s big news and, unsurprisingly, the talk is of what might be done next – regional variation, perhaps, or reducing the cap level further, or specific measures such as limiting child benefit to the first two children of the unemployed and stopping under-25s from being eligible for housing benefit. … Continue reading

On The Writing Front

2013 has been a good year for my writing. Despite poor health and ploughing ever more time into jobsearch, I’ve not only had a bumper year for output and acceptances, I’ve also managed a couple of major successes with the publication (in a limited edition) of my novella, The Yellow House and an excellent review … Continue reading

Presumably this will work?

Wales has become the first part of the UK to adopt an opt-out presumed consent system for organ donation. Presumably, they have considered how this will work in actuality, given that Wales is part of a larger nation, although there is no certainty that they have, given that these are politicians we’re talking about, and … Continue reading

Moving the Goal Posts

France has never been the best advert for just government, but it is outdoing itself with its persecution of Marine Le Pen. Now, it’s quite possible that Marine Le Pen is a horrible person (well, she’s a politician, so she’s unlikely to be that wonderful!), but even scumbags deserve justice; indeed, dispassionately-administered justice is the … Continue reading