Milkshakes and Battery Acid

It says a lot about politics when rational debate is replaced by throwing milkshakes at people you don’t like. It says even more when a comedian makes a joke about throwing battery acid instead and everybody leaps into the fray, to condemn and defend, whilst missing the real reasons why Jo Brand shouldn’t have made … Continue reading

A Vote of No Confidence

So, we’ve had the EU elections that we shouldn’t have had because we should have left the EU by now, and Theresa May is on the way out, having failed to ensure that “Brexit means Brexit.” And, what a bizarre election it was, besides being unnecessary, unwanted and, if you believe the English Democrats, illegal. … Continue reading

Catch 22 Benefits Botch

Private Eye (issue 1493) reportsĀ  that there are nearly 4000 fewer computers in England’s public libraries than there were in 2010, yet whilst at least 20% of unemployed people don’t have internet access at home (not to mention those who don’t actually have a home), the government insists that applications for benefits be done online. … Continue reading

Brexit Day…

So, we’ve had Brexit Day, except we haven’t because, despite two years to make plans and reach decisions, the government fumbled their duty. Like Douglas Adams, it seems MPs like the sound of deadlines whooshing by… But, don’t worry, Parliament has seized control of Brexit – except they haven’t a clue what they want, beyond … Continue reading

Still Botching Brexit

Back in July, I wrote that the biggest hurdle facing the UK leaving the EU was government failure to plan and here we are, just before Christmas, no further forward. Yes, the government is still botching Brexit and shows no signs of comprehending what it needs to do. It’s only now, late in the game, … Continue reading

A Waste of Paper

Back in the days of yore, before the Brexit vote, the government sent a booklet to every household to inform voters of the horrors that awaited if they opted to leave the EU, telling everyone that a vote to leave meant losing access to the common market, losing the right to free travel across Europe, … Continue reading


I was aware that the case of Doctor Bawa-Garba, struck off following the death of a child from sepsis, was dodgy, given the many failings by the hospital, but the Medicine BallsĀ column in the latest issue of Private Eye (number 1477) reveals just what a farce it was. Yes, Doctor Bawa-Garba made a serious error, … Continue reading

Stupid Liars?

Are the British police stupid or liars? I ask this because the police, not for the first time, have been less-than-accurate in a statement to the public. In an attempt to help trackdown a thief, a shopkeeper in Colchester distributed a poster with his image. It worked – the stolen item was retrieved by pawnshop … Continue reading

What, no warmonger?

I was amused when I saw a post on Facebook declaring that the Trump family hadn’t been in the military in the last 150 years (you can find details here and here). To be honest, when I first saw it, I really couldn’t tell if it was meant as a condemnation or a plaudit. (It … Continue reading

Too Much Hassell?

North London coroner, Mary Hassell has continued to cause distress to Jewish and Muslim families in her long-running refusal to accommodate their beliefs where reasonably possible, despite government criticism and her losing court cases (see here for a report from 2015). Her attitude is unique amongst her fellow coroners. She has justified her stance on … Continue reading