Not Really Women

Broadcaster Jenni Murray recently caused controversy by stating that transwomen aren’t ‘real women’. Which, in a genetic sense, is true – that is their tragedy. But, what is the measure of a ‘real’ woman? Her defenders have, for example, asked whether a transwoman will experience the menopause, about which Jenni Murray has written. But, what … Continue reading

Does mildew exist?

The festive period effectively ceased to exist for me when I discovered a rather severe damp and mould problem. The first thing I learnt as a result was just how much time, energy and sanity can be devoured by the need to dry and clean the affected books. The second thing I learnt was that … Continue reading

A Vote of No Confidence

If you thought British politics was bad, the Americans have proved they can be worse. I can’t claim to have watched the Donald/Hillary debate, because I didn’t, but the ‘highlights’ I did have the misfortune to see merely confirmed what I already thought – I wouldn’t vote for either of them if I were an … Continue reading


The EU referendum was hardly a pinnacle of informed debate, but, while there are those Leavers who were shaky about the issues, it seems to be a requirement that to be one of the Remain brigade who still cannot accept they lost, a Remainer must be stupid. This might, of course, explain their stubborn detachment … Continue reading


If you’ve been following my recent posts, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m delighted that Britain has, narrowly, voted for Brexit. The vote kept me up all night, watching at first with trepidation, then with elation as the Leave total climbed ahead of Remain. The first step towards the reformation of Britain has … Continue reading

Not The Same

Every so often, the media will get fired up with the story of some inequality or some group with get in a tizzy over a perceived injustice based upon comparing two things that are not the same. The most recent example was the short-lived furore over the news that Muslims would be advertising Islam on … Continue reading

The Evil EU

There’s something peculiar happening to the EU referendum debate: those who advocate remaining seem to hate the EU more than those who want to leave. Many who are calling for ‘Brexit’ have an amiable enough approach to the EU – they don’t hate or fear it, they just don’t think it’s a good fit for … Continue reading

Can I get an ‘Amen’ to that?

Not it if it involves the Lord’s Prayer in a cinema, apparently. Now, it is perfectly legal (despite what some indignant anti-religious letter writers seem to believe) for a religion or political party to advertise in the UK. Of course, just as with any other form of advertising, such adverts need to abide by the … Continue reading

The Horror of Free Speech

With the way people react to it these days, a costume depicting free speech would be perfect for Hallowe’en. If you are one of those people who cannot experience an opinion without a fit of the vapours, you might wish to stop reading now. There are two freedoms without which there can be no freedom … Continue reading

Political Confusion

When I put political confusion up there as the title of this piece, I was thinking of the usual confusion at the heart of government, but rather the confusion that so often reigns in debate. For example, the way people, whether deliberately or through ignorance, cannot keep straight the difference between economic migrants and refugees … Continue reading