SEETEC – See Failure

I had assumed I would write an update on my misadventures through the government-mandated tasks ostensibly intended to get me into work, but I reckoned without SEETEC. No, they weren’t efficient and successful, quite the opposite. Unfortunately, as far as writing posts goes, they failed to provide much inspiration.

The idea of my being sent to SEETEC is that they will find me a work placement to give me work experience and provide me with advice and support in order to help me into work. That’s the theory. In practice, my advisor quit a few days after I started (I didn’t take it personally) and I have yet to be assigned another, leaving me in an unsupported limbo. As she was the only person at SEETEC who was actually trained to deliver the Community Work Program (CWP), her disappearance has meant that even those ‘clients’ with advisors are in something of a limbo as nobody can provide CWP-specific advice! Neither have I been found a placement, so all I’m doing is turning up for one afternoon a week to do the jobsearch I could be doing, more efficiently, at home, without wasting time walking to SEETEC.

Ironically, given I couldn’t do the Entrepreneur program due to the ban on ‘double funding’, I’ve spent more than the maximum eight weeks allowed to produce a business plan twiddling my thumbs on the CWP. So, instead of working on a business plan and progressing on a course to getting off benefits and paying less in benefits than JSA, I’ve continued to receive JSA whilst stuck in limbo. I’m sure all the British taxpayers out there are delighted to know their money is used so wisely – especially when you consider that SEETEC is being paid from the taxpayers’ purse for this non-service! It’s nice to know somebody is profiting, at least!


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