Time To Take The Blame, Lord Smith!

It is, of course, a triumph of optimism over experience that we should expect a former Labour Minister to apologise for or even acknowledge their mistakes, for the Blairite/Brownite debacle was never one for taking the blame. But, it is especially rich of Lord Smith, head of the Environment Agency, to defend himself by pointing … Continue reading

Benefits Street: A Limerick

For the plebs a special treat They’ll appear on Benefits Street Only they’re left feeling glum As they’ve shown only scum A stitch-up incredibly neat!

Whatever Happened To History? Blackadder, Gove and The Great War…

The recent brouhaha of Education Minister Gove criticising teachers for allegedly using Blackadder Goes Forth and films (rife, we are warned, with Left-leaning fallacies) to teach about the First World War as we reach the centenary. Although it isn’t just Gove – the issue was even raised in a short article in a wargaming magazine … Continue reading

Dogs versus People

It’s one of those issues that crops up every now and then with depressing regularity… people unleashing bile at canines. Now, there are a lot of idiots with dogs that do allow their animals to be a nuisance or make a mess, and I appreciate not everyone likes dogs, but the arguments given as to … Continue reading