Olympic Double Standards

So, a Greek athlete has been dropped from the Olympics for making a joke. It wasn’t a funny joke, nor was it racist nor even particularly xenophobic. Even in the context of her apparent support for the Golden Dawn it doesn’t come across as offensive, and barring her from the games for her political affiliation … Continue reading

Hands off marriage!

Whenever politicians and activists start arguing about things such as ‘Gay Marriage’ and polygamy, you never hear them advocate the one legitimate answer to all such questions – take it out of state hands! Marriage is a religious and social construct. When you marry you are either married in the eyes of your God or in … Continue reading

Glass-house America

That old saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones obviously isn’t known to the American political elite. Turning its baleful gaze on Syria, the USA is busy rattling its sabers. Syria is in particular trouble for possessing WMDs. I suppose we should be grateful that, this time, America is, at least, turning its … Continue reading

So, that’s where the money went!

With all the cutbacks going on, the public are often left to wonder where all the money has gone. As far as policing goes, we have discovered that the reason we are short of bobbies on the beat is because the Met and other forces have such inadequate vetting procedures that they can employ a … Continue reading

Illiberal & Undemocratic

The LibDems, if you go by their party name, are supposed to stand for liberalism and democracy, yet they seem to be behaving in an illiberal and undemocratic manner. The problem with the LibDems is that they have become so convinced that they in the right about everything that they are willing to ride roughshod … Continue reading