Fake News Fun Time

President Trump is in town and there’s been a massive outpouring of gesture politics from the usual suspects. The President is probably rejoicing that, with the protestors exaggerating their numbers, he can safely proclaim “Fake News”. And, did he refuse to meet Corbyn or did Corbyn refuse to meet him? Or, were they both so … Continue reading

A Vote of No Confidence

So, we’ve had the EU elections that we shouldn’t have had because we should have left the EU by now, and Theresa May is on the way out, having failed to ensure that “Brexit means Brexit.” And, what a bizarre election it was, besides being unnecessary, unwanted and, if you believe the English Democrats, illegal. … Continue reading

Brexit Day…

So, we’ve had Brexit Day, except we haven’t because, despite two years to make plans and reach decisions, the government fumbled their duty. Like Douglas Adams, it seems MPs like the sound of deadlines whooshing by… But, don’t worry, Parliament has seized control of Brexit – except they haven’t a clue what they want, beyond … Continue reading

Uncivil War

It seems impossible to have a sensible, civilised political debate these days, especially when it comes to Brexit. Recently, it was MP Anna Soubry, a Remainer, who was being abused by a crowd of Leavers for being a ‘Nazi’. More usually, it is Remainers who accuse Leavers of being Nazis, so it may have been … Continue reading

Still Botching Brexit

Back in July, I wrote that the biggest hurdle facing the UK leaving the EU was government failure to plan and here we are, just before Christmas, no further forward. Yes, the government is still botching Brexit and shows no signs of comprehending what it needs to do. It’s only now, late in the game, … Continue reading

Botching Brexit

Leaving the EU is an essentially simple task – you say goodbye, reinstate custom controls and either agree a trade deal or adopt World Trade Organisation rules. Yes, there would likely be a bit of a ‘bump’, just as there is whenever any system changes, but nothing that a well-organised government couldn’t cope with. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

The Brexit Battle

While the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU had winners and losers, it is a shame to see that mentality carried forward to the process of withdrawal itself. It seems as if everyone, Leavers and Remainers, UK and the EU, is fixated on ‘winning’ what should be a co-operative process not a battle. Everyone … Continue reading

Another Referendum?

Despite the fact that most people, even most of those who voted ‘remain’ in the EU referendum, just want to get on with the process of withdrawal and end the confusion, there are those (mostly embittered remainers who cannot stand losing, but also a few leavers who believe a replay would shut them up) who … Continue reading

Brexit Blindness

Brexit should be a great opportunity, but it does seem as if the politicians in Westminster have been more interested in claiming their expenses and molesting one another than in preparing for Britain’s exit from the EU. Really, the initial steps should be quite straightforward: rather than the mess that is the Great Repeal Bill, … Continue reading

Love of Money

That the love of money is the root of all evil is as true now (allowing for the hyperbole of that translation) as it was 2000 years ago. Despite what a lot of people think, it never was said that “money is the root of all evil” and it is neither true that everyone who … Continue reading