‘Bedroom Tax’

The government will be bringing in what has been dubbed a ‘bedroom tax’ on those who receive housing benefit. The term, whilst suitably emotive for those who oppose the move, is not accurate as it isn’t a tax, but a reduction in housing benefits for any bedroom classed as unoccupied. Now, in itself, that would … Continue reading

War crimes and civilian life

GP Dr Derek Keilloh has been struck off over allegations that he failed to report the torture of Iraqi Baha Mousa. An army medic at the time, early in his medical career, he treated Mousa after he was assaulted by British troops who mistakenly believed that he was an insurgent involved in the killing of … Continue reading

Be Nice To The Nice Ones

I am privileged to know several really nice, kind, caring, hardworking people. But, it has struck me that all of them are depressed. Maybe it is the time of year with gloomy weather and the approach of the festive season with all of its emotional baggage, but all these wonderful people, despite the cheery facade … Continue reading

All in it together?

We’re all in it together – up to our necks, it seems! Working age benefits are to be capped at a 1% rise – equating to a 2% drop after inflation has its way with prices. Not a good thing for those of us on benefits, but I could stomach it if, once again, the … Continue reading

Mail Boycott?

Now, here’s a boycott I’d back – postmen are threatening to refuse to deliver mail handled by rival companies that go the final, vital stage through the Royal Mail. About time! It is disgusting that the government has allowed rival companies to cherry-pick the most lucrative sections of the postal service whilst expecting the Royal … Continue reading