The War On Sugar

We might not be winning the War on Terror, but it seems we’ve just declared war on sugar. At least sugar is something that can actually be quantified. Now, there certainly is a problem with obesity in the UK, and excess sugar consumption is part of that problem. But, there are problems with over-eating generally, … Continue reading

A Two-tier Parliament

We have been hearing a lot of bleating from the SNP about the possibility of restricting issues that only affect England to English MPs in some manner. “But,” they cry, affronted, “if Scottish MPs were restricted in any way from partaking in votes on English-only issues, we shall end up with a two-tier parliament.” What … Continue reading

Build High For Happiness: Relaxing The Planning Laws

“Build high for happiness” was a slogan of Kroagnon, the Great Architect in Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers. It also seems to be a slogan of the Conservative Party as they unveil plans to relax planning laws to ensure more housing is built in Britain, and, like the homicidal architect, it seems they don’t actually want … Continue reading