What’s My Motivation?

Starting a ‘Work Programme’ in the hopes of finally locating that job out there with my name on it, I had it brought home to me that a major hurdle facing me is explaining my motivation to potential employers (and, indeed, my new advisor). The fact is that people are usually lumped into one of … Continue reading

Smile – or else!

Normally, when smiling and officialdom are mentioned in the same breath, smiles are considered a bad thing – do not smirk at a police officer, do not smile on your passport photo… Yet, the opposite has just occurred – a man has been arrested for not smiling! The man in question happens to have Parkinson’s, … Continue reading

PC Figleaf

It seems the real reason for the existence of Political Correctness is to act as a figleaf for bigots too uncomfortable to express themselves openly. You see it all the time. So-called Feminists can abuse men without guilt and turn on women for such serious transgressions as looking too attractive, not looking attractive enough, being … Continue reading

Is this your body?

Reading that many organ donors are having their wishes blocked by relatives reminded me, once again, that people seem to have very little understanding of the simple law regarding corpses (which also applies when it comes to deciding how to dispose of them and scandals such as that of ’tissue retention’ from dead babies). Much … Continue reading