Potentially Employabale…

The saga of my time on the ‘Employability Skills’ course ended rather abruptly as I was summoned home to return a call from an employment agency, having completed the end-of-course paperwork. That phone call, along with another the night before and the one mentioned in my last post, may indicate that, despite all expectations, just having attended the course, despite learning absolutely nothing, I have somehow magically become more employable: between January and the start of the course in late August I’d only had one or two calls from employers, as opposed to the three in the two weeks on the course. Not, unfortunately, that any of the three calls has actually led to a job. But, still, it seems that I’m doing something right, even if it’s merely allowing myself to be bathed in the secret magic of this course.

The penultimate day of the course did, however, show what might have been had it not been burdened with so much paperwork and silly, time-wasting activities: able to interact with each other and the tutor unfettered, there was a positive atmosphere. In addition, compared to the rudimentary nature of the rest of the course, the interview skills and mock interview were of some slight use and the chance for the tutor to sit down and actually discuss our goals as individuals without having to tick books was actually useful. Had the entire course been like that it would have been far more interesting and potentially quite useful. It’s a shame that Ian Duncan Smith is more interested in having us tick boxes than actually doing anything worthwhile to get us back to work…

The end – till the next farcical, box-ticking exercise…


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