What’s The Benefit?

The government has, with all the predictability of British politics, once again declared war on benefits. It probably won’t amount to anything much as the same basic rhetoric has been spouted by every government at least once a year for at least a decade, largely involving reiterating thingas that are already policy – presumably on the … Continue reading

Tax and Spend?

Tax Avoidance is the issue of the moment with the government and opposition alike (containing, as they do, numerous wealthy individuals involved with dubious tax avoidance schemes) gratefully grasping the opportunity to blame the nation’s ills on comedians and Take That. Except, of course, when David Cameron is calling upon wealthy Frenchmen to bring their … Continue reading

Wet and Dry

What a mad world we live in! We build on floodplains and marvel at flooding. We fill in reservoirs and wonder where the water has gone. Here’s a hint – floodplains are so named for a reason. And, here’s another – water needs to be stored for when it is needed. If you build in … Continue reading

The Problem With Europe

Europe. Not the most popular thing in the UK. The Union, that is, not the continent. People must like the continent, they keep holidaying there. But hardly anyone likes the European Union. Now, those who know me know I don’t like the EU. The main reason is that it is a wannabe superstate in the … Continue reading