Jobsearch: The Gatherings

I’ve now moved on to ‘The Gatherings’ – essentially a silly name for some more group meetings at which the Jobcentre staff will impart wisdom to us in the guise of a Candid Camera skit. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if the initial session would be revealed as a practical joke as the Jobcentre … Continue reading

Potentially Employabale…

The saga of my time on the ‘Employability Skills’ course ended rather abruptly as I was summoned home to return a call from an employment agency, having completed the end-of-course paperwork. That phone call, along with another the night before and the one mentioned in my last post, may indicate that, despite all expectations, just … Continue reading

Am I halfway employable yet?

Well, I’ve completed a week of the Employability Skills course and I’m yet to be made any more employable. In fact, I’ve been made a little less employable as I missed a phone call from an employer who wanted to invite me to invite me to interview. So, not only am I learning nothing whilst … Continue reading