Cycling To Disaster?

I seldom read about sport, but Des Kelly of the Daily Mail had something pertinent to say about cycling safety following the accidents involving Bradley Wiggins and his coach, Shane Sutton, offering three steps to greatly improving the situation. The first step might seem a little unfair, given the way that some cyclists behave, but … Continue reading

Moaning Merkel

If Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, was to be believed, Britain would not be happy going it alone in the world. Apparently she never got the memo telling her that Britain isn’t happy being in the EU. Even if we weren’t happy outside the EU, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference, given our … Continue reading

Choice – American Style

Some commentators, observing the recent American election, have wistfully wished that Britain was given a similar choice when it comes to elections, Apparently, these people are very out of touch with reality. Yes, the Democrats and Republicans might paint themselves as further apart on issues than the Conservatives and Labour in the UK, who prefer … Continue reading