Am I halfway employable yet?

Well, I’ve completed a week of the Employability Skills course and I’m yet to be made any more employable. In fact, I’ve been made a little less employable as I missed a phone call from an employer who wanted to invite me to invite me to interview. So, not only am I learning nothing whilst being slowly driven out of my mind, but I actually missed out on a chance to land on a job because I was twiddling my thumbs in a classroom rather than being available to contact. I’m really not sure how that adds up to a positive use of my time.

The course continues to be an abysmal waste of time, even with the hours pared back to a minimum. One fellow learner opined, as we left today, that if we did it full time, we could be done in under a week. To be honest, I could probably have been done in a morning.

The thing that really makes it unbearable is that both the course folder and the tutor have a tendency to use words loosely or even misuse them (to pick a more egregious example, we’re asked a question about ‘information’, only it’s actually about the formats in which information comes, not information itself). At least now we know that if we’re asked for an example the odds are that what is wanted is no mere example but a detailed example.

I could go on at length about how bad the course itself if and how badly taught it is, about the ridiculously easy nature of the literacy and numeracy tests, or about the amount of dead time doing nothing, but it would solve no greater purpose. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll have an idea of how bad things are and I can promise you that there has been no improvement since we left the paperwork behind. If I don’t post again, it will be because I’ve lost the will to live…


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