Brexit Day…

So, we’ve had Brexit Day, except we haven’t because, despite two years to make plans and reach decisions, the government fumbled their duty. Like Douglas Adams, it seems MPs like the sound of deadlines whooshing by… But, don’t worry, Parliament has seized control of Brexit – except they haven’t a clue what they want, beyond … Continue reading

The Illogic of Evil

So, an Australian murders worshippers at a mosque in New Zealand, hardly a homeland of the white race, in defence of European civilisation? It sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but it’s what passes for logic in the warped mind of someone who sets out to kill strangers who have done them no … Continue reading

The Division of Labour

A few years ago, a split in the Labour Party (and, indeed, the Conservative Party) would’ve been a good thing. British party politics sorely needs a clear division into left, centre and right – rather than consensus building, the overly-broad churches that have been the Labour and Conservatives have caused a lot of problems that … Continue reading

Uncivil War

It seems impossible to have a sensible, civilised political debate these days, especially when it comes to Brexit. Recently, it was MP Anna Soubry, a Remainer, who was being abused by a crowd of Leavers for being a ‘Nazi’. More usually, it is Remainers who accuse Leavers of being Nazis, so it may have been … Continue reading

Still Botching Brexit

Back in July, I wrote that the biggest hurdle facing the UK leaving the EU was government failure to plan and here we are, just before Christmas, no further forward. Yes, the government is still botching Brexit and shows no signs of comprehending what it needs to do. It’s only now, late in the game, … Continue reading

A Waste of Paper

Back in the days of yore, before the Brexit vote, the government sent a booklet to every household to inform voters of the horrors that awaited if they opted to leave the EU, telling everyone that a vote to leave meant losing access to the common market, losing the right to free travel across Europe, … Continue reading

Champagne Socialist Brexit Delusions

I see that Polly Toynbee, writing in the Guardian, believes that Brexit is a right-wing plot to create chaos that will allow evil Tories to prune back the state. No, it’s not because people wanted to control immigration or wanted to be able to trade with nations outside the EU or were fed up with … Continue reading

A Victory for Good Sense

I am delighted to see that the UK Supreme Court has found in favour of the bakery in the so-called ‘Gay Cake Case’. Although everyone, regardless of who they are, should have equal access to a business, no business should be forced to make or sell products they don’t wish to, whether that is a … Continue reading

Can’t Leave It Alone…

A friend once asked me if it was possible to be critical of Israel or opposed to its activities without being an anti-semite. Of course. The way to tell if someone who is critical of Israel is an anti-semite is to see whether they criticise other countries for similar issues. Unless they’re an Israeli or … Continue reading

Botching Brexit

Leaving the EU is an essentially simple task – you say goodbye, reinstate custom controls and either agree a trade deal or adopt World Trade Organisation rules. Yes, there would likely be a bit of a ‘bump’, just as there is whenever any system changes, but nothing that a well-organised government couldn’t cope with. Unfortunately, … Continue reading