What’s (Who’s) in a Role?

Over on the Atlantean Publishing blog, I explained why I was disappointed that the next Doctor would be a woman as regards the character being a great role-model for boys. Former Doctor, Peter Davison, expressed a similar view, prompting another former Doctor, Colin Baker, to suggest that it was a possible to just be a … Continue reading

What is ‘Best’?

‘Best’ is probably the most misused and misunderstood word in the English language. We often hear people refer to various things as being ‘best’ with people taking them to mean ‘only’, when really it means, all things being equal, it is superior; things, of course, are not always equal. Thus, it is true that two … Continue reading

Happy Holidays?

It’s that time of year again when Americans worry about whether saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays is more likely to cause offence. Luckily, that’s not a problem we have in Britain as most people, regardless of religious belief or lack thereof, celebrate at least the commercial aspect of the holiday or indulge in catering … Continue reading

Benefits Street: A Limerick

For the plebs a special treat They’ll appear on Benefits Street Only they’re left feeling glum As they’ve shown only scum A stitch-up incredibly neat!

Dogs versus People

It’s one of those issues that crops up every now and then with depressing regularity… people unleashing bile at canines. Now, there are a lot of idiots with dogs that do allow their animals to be a nuisance or make a mess, and I appreciate not everyone likes dogs, but the arguments given as to … Continue reading

Best And Only?

Perhaps the greatest source of conflict in the English-speaking world today is due to the peculiar way in which the meaning of ‘best’ has been conflated with that of ‘only’. It most openly appears in issues of health, such as the battle against obesity and the struggle over breastfeeding, but also lies at the heart … Continue reading

Be Nice To The Nice Ones

I am privileged to know several really nice, kind, caring, hardworking people. But, it has struck me that all of them are depressed. Maybe it is the time of year with gloomy weather and the approach of the festive season with all of its emotional baggage, but all these wonderful people, despite the cheery facade … Continue reading

Some Idle Thoughts on the Weather

“It always is wretched weather according to us.” So says Jerome K. Jerome in The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, describing a situation familiar to anyone who has seen a weather forecast or read the apocalyptic commentaries one finds in the newspapers. Jerome goes on to comment that “The weather is like the government – always … Continue reading