If you’ve been following my recent posts, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m delighted that Britain has, narrowly, voted for Brexit. The vote kept me up all night, watching at first with trepidation, then with elation as the Leave total climbed ahead of Remain. The first step towards the reformation of Britain has … Continue reading

Judgement Day

Well, today is the day that Britain goes to the polls and decides whether it wants to remain in the EU or leave, and if the flooding is anything to go by, it seems we’ve gone with Brexit and the apocalypse predicted by David Cameron is already upon us! Of course, the result remains far … Continue reading

The Ins and Out of Racism

There has been a furore in the British media over a poster released by Operation Black Vote intended to encourage black and minority ethnic voters to register to vote in the EU referendum. Said poster features an Asian woman sitting serenely opposite a skinhead jabbing his finger towards her on a perfectly-balanced seesaw with the … Continue reading

PR Disaster

With the election over, Britain has effectively chosen the party that wants to move the deckchairs around as the Titanic sinks rather than the party that wanted to drill additional holes in the hull of the sinking ship. The end disaster will be the same, but the nation will stay afloat a little longer this … Continue reading

Additions to The Devil’s Dictionary

Since Ambrose Bierce published his The Devil’s Dictionary numerous new words have risen to prominence and are in need of a concise definition. This post is intended to fill just a few of the many gaps… Anti-Theist – n. Atheist who, having declared war on that in which they do not believe, is determined to … Continue reading

Which death do you prefer?

The Eastleigh by-election has been much analysed by parties and pundits, all keen to predict the future and opine upon what needs to be done by each party to ensure success in the next general election. Labour, of course, took comfort from the fact that they stood no chance in Eastleigh and, so, stick their … Continue reading

Better odd than scum, Cameron!

Apparently, David Cameron thinks that UKIP includes some ‘pretty odd people’. It probably does. Of course, the Conservatives include some pretty scummy people (Cameron and his chum Osborne come immediately to mind), so odd is hardly the worst thing that a member of UKIP could be. Whatever your views on UKIP, they do have actual … Continue reading