Selfish or Impeded?

Justice minister Phillip Lee has proclaimed the British too selfish to care for the elderly and argues that people should be looking after elderly parents and grandparents rather than relying on the state, citing the example of Muslims and Hindus as one to follow. (Given that the government usually demands immigrants ‘assimilate’ into British culture, … Continue reading

Post-Referendum Racism

Following the EU referendum, there were claims of a sudden surge in racist incidents. Remain campaigners made the inevitable claim that this surge was due to the Leave campaign, as if it had magically caused decent people to transform into racists. Which, of course, is nonsense: there were no more racists the day after the … Continue reading

Stoking The Fires of Hatred

Recent events in Cologne have only served to exacerbate the febrile atmosphere enveloping Germany and much of Germany. We can only be grateful that Britain remains fairly calm and level-headed in comparison. Not that anyone in authority is doing much to maintain the calm. Now, I must admit that if there’s one thing about modern … Continue reading

PR Disaster

With the election over, Britain has effectively chosen the party that wants to move the deckchairs around as the Titanic sinks rather than the party that wanted to drill additional holes in the hull of the sinking ship. The end disaster will be the same, but the nation will stay afloat a little longer this … Continue reading

Cooking With Class

Baroness Jenkin may have got herself into trouble by claiming that the poor can’t cook, but, as with all such complex issues, the attacks on her were as lacking in nuance as her initial comments. It is certainly true that a lot of poor people either do not know how to or are constrained from … Continue reading

Representing England

The Scottish independence referendum debacle highlighted the long-running canker at the heart of British politics – the fact that England, despite vastly exceeding the other British nations in population, is relegated to a junior role in which it (rightly) has no say in issues that only affect Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but the MPs … Continue reading

Benefits Street: A Limerick

For the plebs a special treat They’ll appear on Benefits Street Only they’re left feeling glum As they’ve shown only scum A stitch-up incredibly neat!

Facilitate Not Nannystate!

My feelings on everything that is wrong with Britain today could be summed up as ‘an obsession with control (a Nanny State approach) that not only fails to facilitate personal choices but actively blocks the individual from advancing’. The State should exist as a servant of the People, providing the services that they require when … Continue reading

Fair Deal?

Normal 0 It is the ever-fresh suggestion for a government wanting to sound as if it is being tough on the unemployed, whilst ignoring the realities of existing schemes: make the unemployed work for their benefits. Well, if we ignore the oxymorons of making the unemployed work (surely they would then be employed?) and of … Continue reading

Workshy Alert!

Once more the British government is declaring that it will ‘get tough’ on the jobless. By rolling out the exact same six-months of compulsory ‘voluntary’ work that was first trotted out by Tony Blair over a decade ago. Somehow, it seems as if the media – and quite possibly most of their consumers – have … Continue reading