Parliament of Hypocrites

In the imagination of some, The Mother of Parliaments, Westminster, is something marvellous. Yet, consider the recent call by Speaker Bercow to ban America’s President Trump from addressing it. Now, Parliament can, of course, choose who it does or does not wish to address it, but the call to ban Trump is a disgusting example … Continue reading

Sovereign Power

As the referendum debate continues to meander on through fear and counter-fear, a new issue has been brought to the fore – the sovereignty of parliament. In part, this is due to a conflation of the sovereignty of Britain and the sovereignty of Parliament, which, while intertwined, are not the same, but it also derives … Continue reading

A Two-tier Parliament

We have been hearing a lot of bleating from the SNP about the possibility of restricting issues that only affect England to English MPs in some manner. “But,” they cry, affronted, “if Scottish MPs were restricted in any way from partaking in votes on English-only issues, we shall end up with a two-tier parliament.” What … Continue reading