Passports, Please!

It’s been suggested (again) that patients accessing the NHS should have to produce a passport before being allowed treatment in order to put an end to health tourism at the expense of the British taxpayers who fund the system. Obviously, there’s a major flaw in this train of thought – the problem with abuse by … Continue reading

Facilitate Not Nannystate!

My feelings on everything that is wrong with Britain today could be summed up as ‘an obsession with control (a Nanny State approach) that not only fails to facilitate personal choices but actively blocks the individual from advancing’. The State should exist as a servant of the People, providing the services that they require when … Continue reading

The Great Health Data Heist

Whether it is actually on the books, or just a glimmer in Big Brother’s eye, I don’t know, but the latest wheeze of the data-centralists is to seize information from GPs on our health without worrying about little things like confidentiality or consent. Now, perhaps I’m being naive, but when I hand over information under … Continue reading

War crimes and civilian life

GP Dr Derek Keilloh has been struck off over allegations that he failed to report the torture of Iraqi Baha Mousa. An army medic at the time, early in his medical career, he treated Mousa after he was assaulted by British troops who mistakenly believed that he was an insurgent involved in the killing of … Continue reading