Representing England

The Scottish independence referendum debacle highlighted the long-running canker at the heart of British politics – the fact that England, despite vastly exceeding the other British nations in population, is relegated to a junior role in which it (rightly) has no say in issues that only affect Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but the MPs … Continue reading

Colonialism – South American Style

It’s amazing that the President of Argentina is able to denounce British ‘colonialism’ in the Falklands with a straight face, when half of her country consists of Patagonia, a region seized by force, ethnically cleansed of people of Chilean descent and settled by colonists, where the native peoples were left as second-class citizens – all … Continue reading

Are You British?

What does it take to be thrown out of Britain? Too often it seems that if you are a rapist, a child abuser, a murderer, a thief or even a terrorist, the UK will welcome you with open arms. Abuse Britain and its inhabitants as much as you like and nobody will touch you. Yet those … Continue reading