Election Ho!

“You’re not going to vote Labour, are you?” I’ve been asked: The Labour manifesto has much that is in accord with what I’d like to see. Strip away Jeremy Corbyn and his coterie of terrorist-loving anti-Semitic incompetents, who’re strangely tolerant of racism in their midst, and the answer would be “yes.” But, as things stands, … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn: First Impressions

The following piece deals entirely with impressions, rather than substance, and is aimed primarily at those unfamiliar with perception in day-to-day British politics. Despite having been in politics for a long time, for the majority of the British electorate their first impressions of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Opposition were their first impressions of … Continue reading

Another Ed Balls-up!

It seems that, just as the Tories couldn’t win despite the Labour government offering them Parliament on a platter, Labour just cannot take advantage of the fact that the Tories are not only doing all they can to upset traditional Labour voters but are also doing all they can to drive their own supporters away. … Continue reading