The Illogic of Evil

So, an Australian murders worshippers at a mosque in New Zealand, hardly a homeland of the white race, in defence of European civilisation? It sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but it’s what passes for logic in the warped mind of someone who sets out to kill strangers who have done them no … Continue reading

Too Much Hassell?

North London coroner, Mary Hassell has continued to cause distress to Jewish and Muslim families in her long-running refusal to accommodate their beliefs where reasonably possible, despite government criticism and her losing court cases (see here for a report from 2015). Her attitude is unique amongst her fellow coroners. She has justified her stance on … Continue reading


I wasn’t surprised that the AfD did well in the German elections, nor was I that surprised to see ‘anti-fascists’ protesting at their success. Nor can I say I was impressed. Besides the fact that complaining that the democratic process produced the ‘wrong’ result being dangerously close to fascism, once again, the ‘anti-fascists’ demonstrated that … Continue reading

Banning The Burkini

Plenty of reasons have been proffered for the ban on the so-called burkini in certain French holiday resorts, but not one of them stands up to scrutiny. I’ve never agreed with the intermittent calls to ban the burka and the veil in the UK, but there is a case, however weak, for doing so – … Continue reading

Stoking The Fires of Hatred

Recent events in Cologne have only served to exacerbate the febrile atmosphere enveloping Germany and much of Germany. We can only be grateful that Britain remains fairly calm and level-headed in comparison. Not that anyone in authority is doing much to maintain the calm. Now, I must admit that if there’s one thing about modern … Continue reading

Will They Be Fiddling While Britain Burns?

The events in Paris ought to have been a wake-up call for Britain, but instead all we get is the usual waffle and rhetoric and Cameron’s desire to be Blair and bomb Syria. The fundamental issues remain unaddressed. The first issue is the lack of armed police in Britain. Now, I’ve always been against the … Continue reading