Freedom and Choice?

Normally, I make a point of not voting for a candidate who cannot be bothered to canvass for my vote on the basis that, it they can’t be bothered to put in that effort, they probably won’t do much once elected. But, given Labour’s recent trend towards antisemitism, I was keen to keep them out, so headed to the polls despite only receiving flyers from them and the LibDems. Unfortunately, the paucity of flyers proved to represent a paucity of choice as the only other party on the ballot was the Conservatives, who’ve made a mess out of running Southend.

So, I had three choices – a vote in favour of a party condoning antisemitism, a nasty Europhile party with an unhealthy attitude towards abuse by its members, or the party that has ruined the town whose council I was there to vote for. Great! Some choice!

In the past, there have been independents and candidates from small parties, but not this time. Without them, there was no worthwhile choice and I was forced to spoil my ballot and return home feeling depressed. We need real choice to make democracy work. Without that real choice we might as well leave things to an unelected elite – indeed, are forced to if we cannot bring ourselves to vote for the limited choice.

Not a good sign for the future…


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