The Brexit Battle

While the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU had winners and losers, it is a shame to see that mentality carried forward to the process of withdrawal itself. It seems as if everyone, Leavers and Remainers, UK and the EU, is fixated on ‘winning’ what should be a co-operative process not a battle. Everyone involved should be working together to try and reach the best possible outcome, but, instead, there is a real risk that the withdrawal of the UK will be a botched job that satisfies nobody with key issues in limbo, one-sided agreements and tit-for-tat power-games derailing trade and throwing parts of the economy and daily life into chaos.

Such chaos and confusion isn’t a necessary component of withdrawal, nor is there any need for bad blood – but, only if people can put aside the ‘win at all costs’ mentality and the growing hatred that comes from refusing to work together. Britain outside the EU can be fair and equitable for everyone involved. We need to make sure those in positions of power focus on the task in hand and approach it sensibly and without greed or rancour.


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