Love of Money

That the love of money is the root of all evil is as true now (allowing for the hyperbole of that translation) as it was 2000 years ago. Despite what a lot of people think, it never was said that “money is the root of all evil” and it is neither true that everyone who is rich is evil and everyone who is poor is good, nor that the poor should be kept poor for the good of their spiritual health. (Strangely, it’s mostly rich people who think that…) But, an obsession with money is certainly to blame for a great many ills.

When you pause and examine them, almost every major problem of recent occurrence is due to an obsession with money: gaining it, keeping it, or refusing to share it. The banking crisis, the entire austerity versus splurge debate that refuses to tackle waste, and debt (national, corporate and personal) are all obvious examples.

But, look at the Grenfell fire. Cost-cutting on cladding safety and a refusal to spend money on sprinklers – money. Look at Brexit – almost every argument for Remain has been about money rather than whether staying in the EU is the right thing to do, and almost all the politicians concentrated on trying to bribe voters, whether to remain or to leave, rather than debating the salient issues.

We see the same thing in Catalonia: rather than face the issues, we have the threat that independence will result in the Catalans becoming poorer and businesses pulling out of Barcelona because they demand stability in order to earn, regardless of what their workers and their customers actually want, regardless of what is right and wrong.

Given that people are so often concerned with short-term profit, regardless of what will happen in the long term or what is good for other people or what is the right thing to do, it is inevitable that the results are bad.

I imagine that, if we gave such people a spade and a steady wage, they’d dig themselves down into a deep hole without giving a single thought to how they’d escape it when their job was done.

Sadly, such is the sort of person who tends to be in charge and too many of those beneath them. People who will allow injustice to go unchallenged and pollution uncorrected in the name of stability and the bottom line. People who just don’t give a damn as long as they’re okay. Please, don’t be one of them.


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