I wasn’t surprised that the AfD did well in the German elections, nor was I that surprised to see ‘anti-fascists’ protesting at their success. Nor can I say I was impressed.

Besides the fact that complaining that the democratic process produced the ‘wrong’ result being dangerously close to fascism, once again, the ‘anti-fascists’ demonstrated that they are long on shouting and short on ideas.

It really is no good complaining if you have no practical alternatives of your own. People have real concerns about issues including the EU, immigration, aggressive Islamists, terrorism, crime and disenfranchisement by an uncaring political elite. Just telling them to shut up and calling them racists, Islamophobes, xenophobes and fascists resolves nothing. In fact, it makes things worse as fears fester into hatred and the problems only grow worse.

Only by tackling these issues, separating fallacies from facts, and by proposing genuine solutions can the power of the hatemongers with their pandering quick-fixes be broken. Refusing to do so may massage the egos of virtue-signallers, but is an abdication of responsibility.

Rather than shouting slogans or tutting in disgust, those who would oppose fascism must show that it is not the only alternative to current problems and that a better approach exists.

Unfortunately, achieving that isn’t going to be easy. Unlike shouting and ranting.


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