Hope versus Hate

It is reassuring to see the so-called ‘Day of Rage’ largely fizzled out, just a small number of hate-filled losers being angry at everyone. Following the Grenfell fire, it was a joy to behold everyone coming together to help those who had been left homeless – everyone: rich and poor, old and young, black and white, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jew and more. Just as had happened after the terrorist attacks, people wanted to help, to stand together. Yes, there was anger, justified anger, but it was proportionate and came from those who had the right to hold it.

Then, in stepped Corbyn’s coterie of hatemongers, desperate to stir up trouble and divide people. That they hadn’t given a damn about the long-running, and sadly futile, fight by the inhabitants of the block to ensure it was safe from fire didn’t matter, there they were declaring themselves to be the representatives of the oppressed masses and attempting to hijack the tragedy to overthrow the government. Never mind that lives had been lost, that people were grieving, that families needed homes and clothes and food, all that mattered was that wild accusations, distortions and outright lies could be weaponised against the government. Where other people were actually helping those in need, they were attempting to exploit them for their own ends.

Except it didn’t work. They were denounced by many of those who were affected and those who did get involved with protesting made it clear that their presence had nothing to do with the Corbynites’ wider agenda. People wanted help and justice, not a ridiculous revolution. And, it seems they will get it. But, without any thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and his vile, hate-filled followers.


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