Antisemitism, a-okay?

The United Kingdom went to the polls today and, if the exit polls are accurate, it looks as if it may have backfired for Theresa May and that Labour will make gains. Whether it will result in a hung parliament or even a Corbyn government is unclear, but the fact that Labour is making gains is disturbing.

Yes, there are some Labour MPs who have made it clear they are opposed to antisemitism, but antisemitism is rife in the party and Corbyn is propped up by antisemites. A vote for the Labour party is an endorsement of antisemitism. It might not be a declaration of support for it, but it is a statement that it is acceptable, not an issue of concern. It’s not as if Labour is the only option for people who don’t want to vote Conservative; it’s not the only opposition party. People do have a choice. Sadly, it seems many people have made their choice to ignore antisemitism, even embrace it.

Whatever the outcome of the election, Britain has become a darker, nastier place.


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