Parliament of Hypocrites

In the imagination of some, The Mother of Parliaments, Westminster, is something marvellous. Yet, consider the recent call by Speaker Bercow to ban America’s President Trump from addressing it. Now, Parliament can, of course, choose who it does or does not wish to address it, but the call to ban Trump is a disgusting example of hypocrisy and, dare I say it, populism, something that those decrying him are always swift to shout against. Bercow is doing nothing more than attempting to curry favour with the noisy fascists who wish to silence anyone who disagree with them.

Consider that China bans practising Muslims in occupied Xinjiang province from joining the civil service. That Myanmar is raping and murdering Muslims, forcing them to flee to safety. That India’s own Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into Prime Minister Modi’s involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots (which resulted in over 700 Muslim deaths). Yet Xi Jinping of China, Aung san Suu Kyi of Myanmar and Modi have all addressed Parliament.

Trump’s crime? His restriction on people from a few Muslim countries, while stupidly applied, is hardly an act of genocide and he has yet to order the murder of Muslims in the US. He’s accused of being a misogynist who may – may, not proven – have groped women; hardly acceptable, if true, but not on a par with the systematic rapes being carried out in Myanmar. Yet it looks as if he will be banned from addressing Parliament.

Clearly rather than such piffling things, Trump should order genocide and send his soldiers out to rape Muslim women and he’d be welcomed with open arms, a real statesman doing statesmanlike things, not a minor-league yahoo.

Then, we have Jeremy Corbyn addressing the Socialist Workers Party demonstration against Trump, denouncing him as a misogynist. The same SWP that covered up the abuse of female party members. Clearly, sexual molestation isn’t a crime if the perpetrator is on the left…

Bercow and their backers are vile and disgusting people whose complicity through silence in genocide make Trump look like a saint. Corbyn, too, could learn to speak out against the evils committed by his erstwhile fellow-travellers.


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