Brexit and Money

If there is one common denominator linking the majority of those opposed to Britain leaving the EU, it is money: They have it, they want more of it, and they’ll do anything to keep it regardless of the consequences. There may be a few genuinely-principled supporters of the EU who believe it is a good thing, but, for the majority, it’s just a question of whether they will have more or less money in the short term.

Thus, we hear a lot of whining about how their foreign holidays will cost more and their iPads are more expensive now, and precious little about the real issues – all while they attempt to tar those who voted to leave as ignorant of the ramifications of their choice. Actually, we were well aware of the real issues and the fact that it might cause a fluctuation in the pound. Despite being poor – you know, where being able to afford enough to eat or pay our rent, as opposed to taking two weeks holiday rather than just the one, is an issue – we were willing to take the risk because we believe that leaving the EU is worth the risk.

To be blunt, we don’t care if your life is a little less cushy, as long as it means we have more freedom. Those whiners who threaten to leave the UK if it leaves the EU are welcome to go – we don’t want you. When we’re told that the banks may leave the City, I think most who voted Leave will agree with me when I say, “Good riddance!” Britain would be better off without the criminals. Blair and all the other corrupt, fascistic, racist warmongers won’t be missed. London isn’t Britain and, if it suffers a little to bring equity to the rest of the nation, then so be it. The rest of Britain has been suffering for decades.

I can only hope that the majority don’t lose heart, but stick with pursuing Brexit, even if it means hard times in the short term, so that we can rid this country of the corrupt, oppressive elite that has been ruining the country for so long. We can do it, but only if we refuse to blink first.


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