The flow of unpleasant revelations and accusations against Donald Trump seem to have scuttled his hopes of gaining the US Presidency, although things remain close enough that he may yet surprise us. But, as grotesque and unsuitable as his attitudes are, something even worse has been revealed, for the making of these claims and the releasing of the footage are clearly politically-partisan in nature.

While some of the claims leveled against him may flow from genuine victims who, only now, feel emboldened to speak out and some, doubtless, stem from people, victim or fantasist, who are jumping on the bandwagon, the majority who have stepped forward at this juncture have clearly done so with the sole aim of derailing Trump’s campaign in favour of Clinton – and this is a disgusting abuse of democracy that transforms abuse from a crime to a commodity to be traded for political ends.

It is clear, from just the more credible accusations, that Trump is unfit to be president (albeit, no worse than Mrs Clinton’s husband, who held that job) – but this is something that ought to have been raised and debated when he was standing to be the Republican presidential candidate. Of course, the situation offers no credit to the Republican Party, which either failed to uncover at least some of these allegations or chose to ignore them. But, even worse are those Democrats in the Clinton camp that concealed this information to use later for their own ends. In any democracy, but especially in one that is essentially a two-party state, there is a necessity for honest discourse and those who knew should have revealed the information, even if they are not Republicans: This is not the revelation of a single, devastating taped conversation or something like this, but a whole slew of attacks and, even if some had been held back, there was no excuse not to make the Republicans aware of the issue.

Concealing this information until now, when it is impossible to replace Trump, in order to assist Clinton, is a gross derailing of democracy, especially considering that she is a far from suitable candidate to lead the USA.

Had these revelations been made earlier, the Republicans would have been forced to find somebody more suitable as their candidate, and, as a result, it is likely the Democrats would have been forced to appoint somebody better than Clinton. (Of course, this manipulation of the system should come as little surprise, given the way the Clinton camp manipulated the Democrats against Bernie Sanders.)

Rather than a proper election debate about policies, we have been forced to watch two vile individuals each telling the world how vile their opponent is. Democracy deserves better, America deserves better and the rest of the world deserves better. Whoever wins, we all are likely to suffer, especially as the disgusting people manipulating the democratic process are likely to be running the USA.


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