A Vote of No Confidence

If you thought British politics was bad, the Americans have proved they can be worse. I can’t claim to have watched the Donald/Hillary debate, because I didn’t, but the ‘highlights’ I did have the misfortune to see merely confirmed what I already thought – I wouldn’t vote for either of them if I were an American. Neither seems to have the qualities to be the leader of a country and I doubt either will be good for Britain or world stability (Donald Trump would probably be slightly better, but hoping he wins is rather like hoping you get invaded by the USSR rather than Nazi Germany). Unfortunately, the chances of a third-party candidate (there’s a Green, I believe, and possibly a Libertarian) winning the presidential race are about the same as North Korea becoming a force for good in the world – and, even if a third-party candidate did win, there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t be another ignorant schmuck who’d plunge the world into chaos.

There are plenty of Democrats claiming that, should Trump become the president, they’ll away to Canada. Whoever wins, the rest of us might be better off fleeing to some out of the way island or back-of-beyond wilderness and finding a cave to hide in until somebody better and less likely to plunge the world into chaos of one kind or another takes charge of the USA. The best we can hope for is that whichever of these losers turns out to be a winner, they’ll prove so lacklustre that they’ll have little impact – except that probably means more Obama-esque letting the world go to hell in a handbasket whilst wringing their hands at their impotence (or rubbing them in glee at the disasters heaped upon those they don’t like, sometimes it’s hard to tell).

In short, I suspect the outcome of this election will prove to be a disaster for everyone – and the best we can hope for is that it’s merely a cock-up…


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