Not The Same

Every so often, the media will get fired up with the story of some inequality or some group with get in a tizzy over a perceived injustice based upon comparing two things that are not the same. The most recent example was the short-lived furore over the news that Muslims would be advertising Islam on the sides of buses. This led to an outcry that this wasn’t fair given that Christianity had been banned from advertising in cinemas. Now, as I covered in an earlier post, I disagreed with that ban, but there was absolutely no injustice here: Christians (and atheists) have placed adverts on the sides of buses previously and there is absolutely no connection between advertising in cinemas and on the sides of buses. Had an advert for Islam been allowed in a cinema while the Christian advert was banned, there would have been cause for complaint, but that just wasn’t the case.

There is enough injustice and hatred in this world without manufacturing further examples where none exist. Sometimes two things are not the same and shouldn’t be compared as if they were.


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