Stoking The Fires of Hatred

Recent events in Cologne have only served to exacerbate the febrile atmosphere enveloping Germany and much of Germany. We can only be grateful that Britain remains fairly calm and level-headed in comparison. Not that anyone in authority is doing much to maintain the calm.

Now, I must admit that if there’s one thing about modern politics that I can never reach a satisfactory conclusion on, it’s whether those with a politically-correct agenda who create these messes are stupid or actually want to stir up racial violence. The latter contention may sound crazy, but it would be the best explanation why people who claim to be against racism do their damndest (in the name of preventing racism) to stoke the fires of hatred. Whether it’s because they want a conflagration to destroy Western society in order to birth some Leftist utopia or because they are really neo-Nazis intent on a purifying race war is largely immaterial. Nor does it need to be an organised conspiracy – people with an agenda don’t have to be working together to cause chaos.

The problem is that the cover-up that occurred in Cologne, much like that which happened in Britain surrounding the grooming of underage girls by (largely) Asian gangs is that, whilst carried out ostensibly to prevent giving fuel to racists, it has provided not only plentiful fuel by both highlighting the issue once it comes out and by exaggerating the race element, but has added an additional frisson of fear through the failure of the authorities to tackle the issue due to political correctness (which, somehow, is never the fault of the white politicians, but that becomes the sin of the entire non-white community). Had the police intervened properly (potentially preventing such large scale disorder in the first place) and the press reported the incidents honestly there never would have been the sense of injustice and victimhood that has come to pass.

Of course, things weren’t helped by the fact that, after proving singularly incapable of (indeed, if we believe the leaks, being barred from) deterring multiple sexual assaults on defenceless women, the German police were suddenly all too willing and able to intervene against anti-refugee protestors. Not that there was much they could do, unless they wanted to give neo-Nazis a free hand in Cologne, but, and it’s always image that applies in these situations, it gave the impression that white Germans were being abandoned to migrant gangs, while the migrants were being protected from those they had wronged – and that is a powerful image, if you want to stir up hatred. Given that anyone who was (reasonably) worried about how the situation was handled or the levels of migrants arriving as refugees was pilloried as racist and the Mayor of Cologne decided to lecture women on how they should behave to avoid being sexually assaulted by Muslims, as if the women were to blame, only served to exacerbate the situation.

Which is why I wonder how much of the authorities’ incompetence is orchestrated deliberately stir up racial hatred. It’s just too perfectly calculated. It may be that I am just attempting to impute logical reasoning to human behaviour which may be every bit as stupid as it seems, but it’s a feeling I cannot shake.

But, whether idiocy or deliberate misrule, we need to reject the stupidity of such politically-correct approaches without replacing them with the equally stupid approach of fear, hatred and injustice. We need a robust approach that works to ensure those we offer sanctuary to are deserving of our hospitality and which deports those who abuse that hospitality. Being tolerant, kind and decent does not entail being stupid or weak. Indeed, genuine refugees are depending upon us not to be – if we allow the people they are fleeing a foothold in Europe, we are endangering them every bit as much as ourselves.

Failure to reject the current political quagmire will only result in hatred and fear festering until full-scale violence erupts. Whether it is the racists who seek to purge migrant communities or terrorists who have taken advantage of the gullibility of our governments and law enforcement to infiltrate Europe won’t matter much. What will matter is that the innocent will be the ones to suffer, not the bloated elites responsible for the situation we will find ourselves in.

Because, if history has taught us one thing, it is that the guilty seldom suffer the consequences of their actions, indeed, often profit from them, while the innocent always do.


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