Champagne Socialism and the Education Trap

The worst thing about modern Britain is Champagne Socialism – even the Tories often sound like them as the concealed snobbery of Champagne Socialism perfectly fits with their desire to lose the label ‘Nasty Party’ without ditching their viler opinions. Right now, the wealthy, privately-educated Champagne Socialists of Comprehensive Future are waging war on the attempt to open new Grammar School annexes (the creation of new Grammar Schools banned, ridiculously, long ago). Never mind that their children either attend private schools or go to ‘comprehensives’ in areas that select on the ability of parents to buy an enormously-expensive house, the last thing they want to see are the children of poor people having access to anything like the same education. Heavens forbid that some filthy oik should get a good education and get one of those jobs they’ve earmarked for their offspring.

It should be clear to anyone with a better intellect than the average champagne-swilling recipient of inherited wealth and position that it is impossible to provide the sort of excellent education tailored to the aspirations and abilities of students all under one roof, which is why the comprehensive system, even when it attempts streaming, is an abject failure (in much the same way that so many private schools are rubbish, catering to class rather than ability or needs). The problem with the Grammar School debate is that it acts as a smokescreen for the real issue, that the education system needs to be further diversified. Grammar Schools are just one aspect. We need technical schools to train the electricians, plumbers and builders of tomorrow. We need art schools to train the artists and musicians. We need schools dedicated to the sciences, coding and architecture and all such areas of endeavour. And, we need them to be accessibly purely upon academic ability and interest – not on the ability of parents to pay fees or purchase a home in the catchment area.

And, we need to ensure that all schools and colleges at all levels are properly provided for and equipped. It is not merely ridiculous but repugnant to learn that a school is in a poor state of repair or underequipped, while another school has been plentifully supplied by wealthy parents. If the members of Comprehensive Future had any moral decency, they would spend the time, money and energy they are using to fight the expansion of Grammar Schools to ensure that all Primary and Comprehensive Schools are properly equipped and staffed. Instead, those in the areas where they live are, while those where the poor they profess to care about but really despise live are overcrowded, understaffed, underfunded and underequipped and, thus, unable to provide even a half-decent education.

Unfortunately, these same Champagne Socialists infest education at all levels and use their influence to ensure the poor are kept down from childhood. Until we oust these pretenders and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access a good education that will enable them to achieve their full potential and help build a better nation, they will continue to grind down the poor and keep them in their place, while ensuring their undeserving offspring inherit their positions and maintain what is an aristocracy in all but name.


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