What A Waste!

In their wisdom, the makers of Listerine have decided that what their customers need is a special cup for the imbibing of their mouthwash. Now, for years, the cup-like lid has proven sufficient in this regard, but now the bottles arrive with said cup placed over the lid (and with a second layer of plastic wrap over it in addition to the usual layer sealing the lid).

So, now, we have a cup in addition to the lid that can fulfil the same role. Unnecessary. But, even if you were to embrace the cup, the moment you buy a new bottle you find yourself in possession of a second. One for morning and one for evening, perhaps? A third for lunchtime, perhaps, but after that…? And all the time it continues to come with that cup-like lid that means you don’t actually need these silly little cups at all, so they either clutter the place up or are sent to be recycled (or just tossed in the trash, if people cannot be bothered with such efforts). What a waste!

I really cannot understand the thinking behind them: they aren’t needed and yet who knows how much oil and energy is wasted in making them – it’s ridiculous! If every manufacturer stopped such casual waste, it would be a good start on improving the world. But, somehow, I suspect the waste will continue…


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