The Marriage Mockery

It may have been a few days early for April Fool’s Day, but that didn’t stop the government from introducing ‘same-sex marriage’ in the UK, a bad joke from whatever direction you look at it. For the majority of people who don’t care too much about who sleeps with whom, it has become a train wreck of divisiveness. For those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, the backing of a laughing-stock government makes no difference to their opinion, except perhaps to harden it. And, for those who hoped for equality, not only are they likely to be dismayed by the hatred the issue has stirred up on both sides, but they are still waiting for same-sex partners to be given genuine equality under the law – something that could have been easily resolved by removing marriage from the sphere of government diktat, simplifying inheritance law and allowing people to contract on issues such as next of kin status.

The simple fact is that you cannot legislate opinion. You can make the expression of opinion illegal, but that isn’t the same thing. Giving a same-sex couple a piece of paper that says they are married carries no more weight than doling out knighthoods to corrupt bankers and politicians indemnifies them against disgust – people hold fast to their opinions no matter what the law and the elite claim. Indeed, words are cheap and the fact that the government are happy to apply the word marriage to a same-sex union whilst failing to ensure they have fully equal rights under the law tells us that they don’t really care about the issue as much as they might say.

Ultimately, marriage remains a social and religious convention. A monogamist will never recognise the equality of a polygamist, any more than those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman will recognise a same-sex union. The irony is that if you care that someone doesn’t recognise your relationship as valid, then you are implying that their view is important to you – yet, if you really cared about their view, you would conform to their wishes. I doubt there are any Muslims worrying that having more than one wife goes against Christian values any more than a Christian couple worries about the validity of their marriage in the eyes of a Hindu. Validity can only come from yourself and those who form your community – and if you cannot conform to the ways of your community, you need to find a new one.

It is not for the state to legislate about our relationships and private lives, and as long as it does so, it just makes things a bad joke.


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