Save Us From The Tolerant!

Tolerance is a wonderful virtue. Unfortunately, whenever someone proclaims loudly for all to hear that they are tolerant, you can be certain that intolerance is not far from their agenda, for tolerance is a marvelous fig-leaf for the intolerant. Too many people claim to be tolerant as a mask for their own intolerant views or as a means of feeling good about themselves. If it wasn’t for the fact that they are the sort of people who troll those they hate, who spew abuse at those they disagree with and threaten, and sometimes even attempt, violence upon the objects of their bile, they would be a delightfully amusing group of hypocrites to observe.

Personally, I would much rather dwell in a world full of honestly intolerant people who were willing to confine their views to their own private sphere (the traditional British way of doing things, really) than to live in a society where everyone affects a tolerant stance whilst seeking out thought crimes in their neighbours.

Perhaps strangely to some, I’ve been good friends with people who hold radically different viewpoints to my own, occasionally even ones that should effectively make me their enemy. With some I’ve enjoyed vigorous debate, with others it has been a case of keeping our relationship purely on a social and not political level. Yet, when it comes to the self-proclaimed tolerant, reasonable debate proves impossible and their ability to keep their political views to themselves nonexistent. People who should hate me have treated me decently, whilst those who like to explain at length how tolerant they are have turned abusive when I fail to condone their hate-filled rantings.

So, if you like to think of yourself as a nice, tolerant person, pause and consider whether you really are one or whether you are, in fact, a hypocrite. And, if you do have your prejudices, be honest about them and consider just why you hold them and what they entail; you might find that you can tolerate even those you hate to an extent…


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