Additions to The Devil’s Dictionary

Since Ambrose Bierce published his The Devil’s Dictionary numerous new words have risen to prominence and are in need of a concise definition. This post is intended to fill just a few of the many gaps…

Anti-Theist – n. Atheist who, having declared war on that in which they do not believe, is determined to prove that they can be more obnoxious than they accuse the believers of being.

Coalition – n. Agreement in which two parties ensure that the country will not be gripped by the chaos and indecision of a minority government by plunging it into the chaos and indecision of a divided government instead.


Google – n. Corporation that lives by the maxim “don’t be evil”, prefering to facilitate the evil of others rather than engage in their own.


Liberal Democrat – n. Someone who will say anything to get into government and do anything to get out again.


Swivel-eyed Loon – n. Anyone crazy enough to eschew the collective insanity gripping British politics and willing to risk derision by admitting their madness.


Work Programme – n. Programme that doesn’t work, except for those companies profitting off the unemployment of others.


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