Enter Stage Right, The Star Chamber…

Merry old England was always a land of liberty until an odious new order took power and began to strip away the rights of freeborn Englishmen, allowing such fundamental injustices as secret trials and imprisonment with trial. That sounds like the Tudor period when the Star Chamber ruled supreme over English law and allowed monarchs to do pretty much whatever they wanted with impunity, but I might equally be writing about the UK in the present. Secret courts such as the Court of Protection are given unprecedented power without any oversight, the government is trying to extend secret justice further and it is possible for anyone to be detained without trial. Throughout every area of life, authority is stripped from elected and accountable bodies and given to quangos that owe their loyalty to the political elite rather than the people of this country.

Without justice there is no democracy – and without democracy there is only dictatorship. Labour under Blair and Brown started the ball rolling and the Conservatives under Cameron have kept it going. Pretty much we won’t have any rights left at all, but will be at the mercy of the whims of those who have ensconced themselves in the quangos and the courts. This needs to be stopped before it is too late…


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