Destroy The Poor!

Yesterday, I saw a description of how the benefits changes will work and, I have to say, if I was living on my own, I don’t think I’d be able to survive. Ironically, wealthy people with an eligible disability are going to be entitled to more help than the able-bodied and people with ineligible disabilities. Yup, that sure seems fair… Then, today, I read about how much our energy bills will be going up. But, hey, don’t worry, it will all be offset by savings made from new, more efficient white goods. So, that’s the wealthy sorted… Apparently the poor, who can’t afford to upgrade their goods on a whim, will just have to shoulder the burden of higher bills.

I think we can sum up the policy of the current government as ‘destroy the poor!’ No matter that they might be unemployed through no fault of their own during a period of economic collapse, no matter that they might be disabled, no matter that they might actually be working but just not earning very much, no matter that they might have have endeavoured to avoid claiming more than the bare minimum of benefits, no matter that they might have a family to provide for, they will not have enough to survive.

Rather than create an equitable system that cannot be so easily abused as in the past and which ensures the poor have a safety net, the government has chosen to punish poor as if they are to blame for the economic woes of the country. The funny thing is, I don’t recall the unemployed, the disabled and the underpaid workers of Britain fiddling their expenses and awarding themselves inflation-busting pensions and pay rises whilst wasting public money on all sorts of unwanted and undesirable schemes. Nor do I recall the unemployed, the disabled and the underpaid workers of Britain awarding themselves vast bonuses whilst running the banks into the ground and trashing the global economy. Strangely enough, I’m pretty sure that it was the politicians and bankers that were to blame for all of that! Yet, they have those embezzled expenses and massive bonuses sequestered away for a rainy day, they have the gold-plated pensions and golden goodbyes to see them through the bad times ahead. Somehow, they are the ones to blame for this mess and, yet, it seems we are the ones who must be punished for it. How dare we live in anything other than a cardboard box? How dare we eat more than scraps? How dare we demand a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work? Goodness! If we started allowing all that then the politicians and bankers might not be able to embezzle quite so much or award themselves quite such large pensions and bonuses for making a mess of things! And, that would be utterly unfair, wouldn’t it?

But, let us not let Labour off the hook. It is easy to blame the Tories for what they are doing now, but it was Labour’s betrayal of the poor and the working class that set the stage for the current abuses. Labour allowed benefits to be misused and did nothing to create jobs for those needed them. They were happy to trap people on benefits in order to wield them as a carrot and their loss as a stick to make people vote for them. They didn’t care about us any more than the Tories do. The entire political class exists solely to enrich themselves at our expense.

Rather than blaming the poorest people in society and punishing them for the mistakes of those at the top, society would do better to look to them for answers. After all, we’re the ones who have to budget. We’re the ones who have no choice but to be careful with our money. We’re not like the wealthy who can throw it all away without a care, nor are we like those well-off sorts who complain about how hard things are and how difficult it is to make ends meet because the school fees have gone up and running two cars is so taxing. We’re the ones who could never dream of paying school fees or even running one dilapidated banger. Yet, we’re the ones who suffer. And, that’s just plain wrong…

One Response to “Destroy The Poor!”
  1. It’s the same thing in the US. Those on benefits are called moochers, while those on corporate welfare “deserve” it. People don’t realize how many individuals live paycheck to paycheck, and that even though they work hard don’t get paid enough to take care of themselves and their families. People are more pissed at helping the poor, than bailing out greedy banks.

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